Red Deer Presbytery extends from Rimbey in the northwest to Wetaskiwin in the northeast then south to Carbon in the southeast to Sundre in the southwest.

If you have been reflecting on a particular issue, or want to share a thoughtful message with our congregations, please email it to our Corresponding Secretary.

Non Violent Jesus / Non Violent Me

Where does violence start in me? Well, it seems to start in my thoughts.

Words are like bundling up fifty pounds of feathers in a box.A wise master said that our thoughts think. When you think that thought it is like placing a feather on the doorstep on a windy day. When you come back you will not find it. That is the miracle of prayer. It goes out from me and creates God's greatest good in the world. Unfortunately not all the feathers placed on the doorstep are prayers.

Words are like bundling up fifty pounds of feathers in a box, labelling who it is for and putting on the stamps to deliver it. Once the words are out they cannot be returned to you. They can benefit the world greatly or they can bring pain and discord. They can be apologised for and forgiven but they have done their work for better or for worse.

Are my words worthy of the intention of our heart?

Actions are the truth tellers, they shine light on my words and reveal the truth of them - the truth I sometimes do not want to see or have others see. They are my reflection in the clear water of the essence of God.

Do I believe what I say? Do I walk the path I have chosen? To what or whom do I belong? My actions will tell me that.

Guidelines for Reflections

Promote, cultivate and strengthen community within the Presbytery and among the wider population.

Encourage listening and responding in faith.

Enhance the spiritual growth and well-being of members, adherents and wider community.

Facilitate dialogue around theological and social issues.

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